Group Discussion results

Today after the guest speaker, we planned out what sort of content we’d like for our website to cover as well as what kind of format we think would work well. We hope to cover topics like what classes were available and popular, what kind of majors were offered and how many people graduated with these degrees and the changes in the majors between then and now. We’d also like to include information on the different departments and department heads and discuss their significance to the university at the time.

We plan on covering the classroom experience by discussion the various styles of class offered (lecture, machine classes and what we’re terming “feminine arts”: visual and performing arts, home economics, etc). Some space will be devoted to technology in the form of overall classroom technology and the so-called “machine classes” that taught students mechanical skills like electrical wiring and machine maintenance.

Finally we’d like to include some biographical sections with a working theme of “memories from the classroom”, where we present some of the interviews from alumnae. We’ll hopefully provide excerpts from their interviews and some biographical information about them during their time at MWC taken from their recollections and on-campus publications like the Battlefield and the Bullet.

Our website itself will feature plenty of photographs to accompany the text. We’re currently working on selecting a theme that will allow our site to showcase images from the 1950s to help underscore our research and provide a deeper connection to the students and their classroom experience.

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