Thoughts on the Recreation

Ever since this project was announced, I’ve been really looking forward to jumping into the recreation with both feet, preferably in decade-appropriate footwear. It might be the reenactor in me speaking, but I’d like to see the material culture of the time represented as fully as possible: clothes, books (if possible), technology, all of it. Since we all signed up for a history class in 2011/2012, it might be interesting to recreate a history class as well, although the actual subject could be anything really. I’d like to see us try to replicate the set-up of the classroom as much as possible: of course there’s not much we can do about the white boards or the space-age swivel chairs, but setting it up so the feel of the room is as 50s as possible could be fun. I’m not entirely sure what roles people should take, other than the students being the students and Dr. McClurken teaching the class, but that can probably be worked on the closer we get to the recreation.

The sources should be as wide and varied as possible so we hopefully get the broadest and most encompassing look at the time as possible. Once we establish a year to reenact, people could look at the Battlefield from that year, skim through photos, flip through the course catalogs to look at some of the other classes they might have been taking, etc., to get a feel for how we each could have fit into MWC at the time. Maybe each person could pick a major, not necessarily the same one they’re pursuing now, and look through courses and make a list of classes they’ve already taken, then think of a reason why they’re taking the particular class we reenact. If that works, maybe the same can be done for extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, etc.) so that we each have a small built-in scenario we can play with and use to interact with each other; this could bring in the non-academic resources as naturally as possible.


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