Dress Code and Bio

In an effort to make the recreation as accurate as possible, I looked into some period hair and makeup styles, plus accessories, that we can try to replicate as best we can. Here are some tips and websites to look at with some ways of getting a 1950s look with 2010s products.

Hair: for women, especially those at MWC, hair was worn softly, preferably curled, in very feminine styles. Some women could take their style cues from stars like Marilyn Monroe and go for a sexier look, but few girls attending Mary Wash would have likely strayed too far from a soft, feminine look.

http://www.enjoy-your-style.com/1950s-hairstyles.html; http://covellifashion.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/hair-and-makeup-in-the-1950s/; http://www.lphouse.com/hairstyles-1950s.htm

Makeup: after the rationed years of WWII, makeup tended to be bold and vibrant that emphasized the contours of the eye and eyebrow, as well as the lips. Most of the emphasis, especially for a sexier look, was placed on the eye, but for day-to-day classes, MWC girls probably toned down the bright red lipstick and heavy eyeliner in favor of something a little more conservative.

http://deadlyfemaleblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/1950s-makeup-lesson.html; http://vintagemakeupguide.com/1950s-look/; http://makeup.lovetoknow.com/1950%27s_Makeup

Accessories: again, following rationing in WWII, the 50s tended to allow for bigger, bolder pieces of jewelry made of traditional materials like metal and stones, plus some more modern things like plastic. MWC girls probably skipped the more mature white-wrist-gloves and pillbox hats for daily use, and went for younger looks, like tying their hair back in a ponytail with a short silky scarf, or wrapping the same scarves over their hair like Grace Kelly.

http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_type=all&includes[0]=tags&search_query=1950s+costume+jewelry&ref=related&page=1; http://vintagecostumejewels.com/Gallery/1950s_costume_jewelry.htm; http://www.collectiblejewels.com/1950s.html

My character will be a 21-year-old history major from Arlington, VA (I’ll be using my own name). I came to MWC because my mother also went in the late 1920s; my father wanted all of his daughters to go to college before we settle down so I came here. I want to teach middle school once I graduate and will probably move back in with my parents for a few years until I’m established. But I also plan on getting married in a few years and will probably quit teaching to stay home with my children.

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